Monday, August 30, 2010


Today's post is short and sweet!

Today I wore a pair of regular pants that no long button. The fit everywhere else but my lower belly, so I wore them. I have a maternity band to make sure my pants stay up, but my pants were still so dang uncomfortable!! They killed me!

I'm looking forward to filling maternity pants. This morning, they were still looking too loose so it really just looked like I crapped myself.

Grow, baby! Grow!!

Until next time...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Trimester

I'm so blessed to have had such a smooth first trimester. As long as the tummy was full, I didn't feel sick. There were three times that I let the tummy become empty, and I got sick. YUCK! My emtire first trimester was during summer break, so I was able to relax at home and not worry about getting up early, going to work, dealing with children, etc. I truly believe that this was the cause of such a smooth ride. I was however, very tired. I napped ALOT and cleaned very little, not to my husband's liking. Oh well, I'm carrying his kid. :)

This is going to be an honesty blog. I'm going to blog everything that I feel is worthy of being said. I truly hope that many of you will laugh and not be grossed out. So, Popsy, if you're reading this blog, I warned you!! I also hope that feelings are not hurt because I'm sure it will happen sooner or later. I have no filter these days!

I had just closed the pregnancy stick cap when my mom called on the phone. It was the longest three minutes of my life. I honestly have no idea what she was talking about because the only thing I was thinking about was, "I have to wait three minutes!" Hurry up!! I think my mom could tell that I was a little distracted because she said, "I'll let you go. You don't seem to in a talkative mood." Or something like that! When I hung up the phone, I looked at the time and mom and I had been talking for 3 minutes and 7 seconds. I ran into the bathroom and, well, you know what it said! :) This was the Thursday before Father's Day. Up until this point, most of my family believes that nobody knew until Father's Day. WRONG!! (This is where I hope nobody's feelings are hurt.) It was so hard not to call me mom right back, but of course, I called the baby's daddy first. I was really worried because I was spotting and since this is a first time for me, I didn't know if this was normal. Chris told me to call my sister. So yes, Melissa knew before anyone else!

I was already crying when she answered the phone. She thought it was about my mom who was going through some heart complications at the time (Oh gosh! I hope she wasn't talking about her heart while we were on the phone!). I asked her if she was at home, and she was getting less patient with me. "Sherry, what's wrong? Are you OK? Is it mom??" Nope! I said, "I'm going to have a baby." At that point, I think my ear drum burst from the loud scream I heard! It was loud enough for her husband to come running outside to make sure everything was OK. Abviously she was thrilled. I told her what was going on and it was as if God was speaking right through her. She calmed all of my fears that night just as she continues to do today. She's always the one I call first. "What's up with this? Why does it hurt when I...? Is this normal?" After two of her own babies, she knows ALOT! But of course, I call my mom after that, too! Not because I doubt Melissa, but because I want to hear her, too. And I feel a little guilty.

I find out that as I'm talking to Melissa, Chris is telling a few people at work. He couldn't help it. Poor guy! Well, since he told a few people, I did too. Only two friends. :) Or three. We told our immediate family on Father's Day but didn't tell most of our other friends until I was 10 weeks along. Everyone has been so wonderful.

The evening that I found out I was pregnant, I met Chris for dinner and then made him go with me to Walmart to purchase the latest edition of "What to Expect When You're Expecting." I wanted to know what was to come. I didn't have any symptoms yet so I wanted to be prepared. Melissa already told me that I most likely wouldn't have any symptoms until 5 to 6 weeks. It was 6 weeks for her.

At 5 1/2 weeks, I woke up not feeling so hot! I puked and crapped at the same time in the shower that morning. Lovely, hu?? Nobody told me that may happen and it certainly wasn't written in the book!! I thought for sure that was it, I was doomed. It was going to be an ugly 10 more weeks. But to my surprise I felt great after that incident and ate like a pig the rest of the day. I didn't get sick again until 9 weeks. I was worried that I wasn't sick. Aren't pregnant woman suppose to be throwing up for a long time? It happened to several of my friends. But again, God sent wonderful women my way to calm all fears. Once I started asking, more and more of my friends didn't have any morning sickness at all and went on to have healthy babies. Both of my sisters kept reminding me to take the no morning sickness as a blessing, and move on!!

Although I wasn't throwning up, my biggest symptom was not fun. I was seriously gassy and constipated! I always took pride my my natural, very regular, rhythm. However, this little baby inside of me has totally messed that up. There were days when I felt like someone literaly shot an airgun right up my butt. Going days without pooping is terrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone but my worst enemies. :) I know that gas and constipation is mentioned in the book, but they should dedicate an entire book to gas and constipation. To relieve gas stay away from.... But to relieve constipation, eat... Anyone ever notice how the foods are the same. Don't eat beans, they make you fart. Eat beans, they make you poop. Hm? That puts me in a pickle. Ooo, I love pickles right now!

Well, I'm thinking I need a pickle. Until next time...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Forever Changed

June 17th, 2010 was the day that changed my life. This is the day I found myself peeing on a stick, and found out I was pregnant! Chris and I weren't exactly trying to get pregnant but had started the "let's see what happens" phase. Well, it happened! Calling and telling Chris that we were going to have a baby was the best. The excitement in his voice was priceless!

However, the moment I read "YES" on that test, I instantly became a different person. A hundred questions immediatley starting running through my head. What am I going to do? If I'm pregnant, why am I spotting? What if something's wrong? What if I lose I this baby? What's my principal going to say? You get the picture!

I was a nervous wreck for weeks! Everything I felt, I assumed was bad. I'm sure the nurse at my doctor's office was thinking, "What's wrong with this nutjob!?" I know I drove her crazy.

It wasn't long before I realized that I needed to take all these fears to God. When I slowed down and really thought about it, this pregnancy was perfect timing. This blessing came when God wanted it to come. For several months, things have been falling into place for Chris and I. I knew that I could not go the next 8 weeks in absolute panic. I started praying and haven't stopped. God has been so good.

Now that I'm in my second trimester, I'm ready to blog everything that's going on, the good, bad, and ugly. However, I just made it through the first week of school and I'm exhausted. I'll a much more entertaining blog tomorrow.

Until next time...