Friday, March 4, 2011

He's Here!!

I must start out by saying that I had such a smooth pregnancy. I had very mild morning sickness, with the exception of a 48 hour period of YUCK! I did gain too much weight, but I didn't care. I enjoyed my pregnancy and felt beautiful the entire time. Chris and I waited and waited for Feb. to arrive. Then, one morning I was pregnant, that same afternoon, I wasn't.

Chris and I went ahead and agreed on a scheduled induction. My doctor was going to be out of town for 4 days prior to my due date. I was already dilated and was worried that I wouldn't make it to my due date and really wanted my doctor to deliver.

We arrived at the hospital on the 17th @ 5:00 in the morning. The induction process started and I was doing well. Since the doctor started pitocin and then broke my water shortly after, the contractions came quickly and they hurt! After enduring the pain for over an hour, I opted for the epidural.

I was progressing and was almost completely dilated but Edward was still very high. The nurse had me start pushing to get him to drop more. He tolerated the pushing for a little while, but then his heartrate dropped and wasn't returning to normal. Since he was showing signs of stress, my doctor suggested the c-section.

I went into the labor and delivery room that morning thinking that I didn't have an official birth plan. Whatever needed to be done would be done. I knew that if I had a plan that didn't go my way, I'd be upset. However, when I heard that I needed the c-section, I was crushed. The visions of my "no-plan" were gone. I wouldn't be able to push, they wouldn't place him on my chest right away, I wouldn't be able to have him to myself for the first hour. I cried. I knew I wanted to do whatever needed to be done to ensure his safe arrival, but it took a few moments to remind myself of that. Here I am two weeks later, and although I'm relieved that he's here and safe, I'm not sure that I've completly come to terms with it.

After the doctor came in to tell me that we needed the c-section, everything moved so fast! Within 15 minutes, I was being wheeled into the OR. My husband and my sister, Melissa, were in the room with me. I could barely keep my eyes open with all the bright lights and drugs! And then I heard him. His sweet cry resonated throughout the room and I couldn't hold back the tears. The little man that I had waited for was FINALLY here!!

After they checked him and wrapped him up, Chris brought him over to me to see. He was more beautiful than I imagined he'd be. Here we were, a little family of three. Chris walked him out to the waiting room to meet all his adoring fans. He was such a proud daddy!! I heard that the nurse had to pry Edward from his arms! :)

Recovery sucked. I had the uncontrollable shakes and vomited due to the quick movements when they moved me from the table to the bed. After a shot of demerol, I slowly stopped shaking and was finally able to hold my baby boy!! He took my breath away. I have never loved someone so much. I know that everyone thinks their baby is the most beautiful, but mine really is!

We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. I could have stayed another day but I was ready to go home and be a family. I can't wait for all the fun times ahead of us, like walks in the park, fishing trips, camping trips, visits to the zoo, t-ball, and so much more.

I would also like to say at this point, there may never be a woman good enough for my boy. However, I already pray for her and God is good.

Until next time...

My husband and sister just before surgery.
Chris did so good in the OR. He was a huge comfort! In this picture, we just heard Edward cry for the first time. Notice the grin on his daddy's face.
There he is!! My niece, Mackenzie, edited these photos so that Edward's man business wouldn't be seen. :)
Edward Lee Callahan, 8 lbs 6 oz, 20 inches long. Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!
His very first kiss will always be from him mommy!
Daddy is in love, too!