Thursday, March 25, 2010

Better Days Ahead

So...I felt so much better after my post last night. For some reason, conservative comments that I read on FB today rolled right off my back. Once I got it out, I could breathe easily. My sister, Lisa, sent me this and I thought it was worth passing along. It's something to think about. Niether she nor I wrote it, but whoever did is very smart!

Every step forward in our country's proud history has been met with fear and hatemongering...Freeing slaves would be the end of women the right to vote would be the end of America...insuring everyone could exercise their vote would be the end of America...integration would be the end of America...women in the workplace ... would be the end of America...the COBRA bill would be the end of leave act would be the end of America...Gay rights would be the end of America...and now we can proudly add Health care to the list of brave moral choices we have made with optimism for the future and faith in ourselves and our fellow citizens.Those who wallow in fear and hatred (and it is hatred) are condemned to the dustbin of history.

Hopefully, the drama will die down and we'll start to see some positive changes very quickly.

On another note, I'm so proud of the women in my life who have been diagnosed with cancer. These women have faced and fought this disease with such beauty and grace. They've made bald look sexy and fluffy hair, too!! My friends are amazing and brave and an inspiration to me. You all are my heroes and I'm honored to know you. I love you all!!

Until tomorrow...

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