Monday, March 22, 2010

Starting Over

I started a blog about a year ago and hardly ever posted. I never felt like I really had anything to say. At least not anything important. It's been so long since I've posted that I don't even remember the address or how to get on. So, I'm starting over!

My life is pretty easy going. I teach school and take care of my husband. Being a teacher is a ton of fun and can provide some very funny stories. My sister, Lisa, has always told me to write them down, but I don't. I guess I could type them here on this blog for you all to enjoy.

I will also use this blog to RANT!! Before you read any future blogs, be prepared. I'm becoming more of a democrat than most of my family would like to acknowledge. But I don't care. I'm comfortable in my own skin and proud to have my own views and opinions. This is not a place where I will try and change anyone's policital views so if you ever read something that you don't agree with, don't try and change mine. This will be like my public diary! You can read my thoughts without feeling guilty! :)

Today I'm emotinally exhausted. Obama's new Health Care Reform was passed yesterday. Everytime I get on Facebook, I read more and more anti-Obama comments and I'm fed up! I have no idea why my stomach has been in knots all day, but it has! I could scream!! This really isn't about health care anymore. Republicans are just wanting our president to fail. Let's call a spade a spade. I have so much more to say about this topic but it's 11 o'clock at night and I'm tired. Stay tooned for more of my thoughts about health care reform and other polictial happenings. I'll also just blog about my days and my students.

Good Night World!


  1. Well said! You have a way with words, and I'm glad you decided to share them with us! And when you don't have anything political to write about, DO tell us all your funny 4th grade stories. They're the BEST!!

    I love you, Sherry! So proud of the woman you've become and honored to be your siter. xoxo

  2. Tell A to hang in there. The most important tool we have in fightin this beast is a positive attitude. HTere are days when the dark looms ahead but instead of telling God how big my problems are, I tell my problems how big my God is!!!