Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today started way to early!! Chris and I needed to replace the tree in our front yard because it died. This is our third tree. Seriously, how sucky do you have to be at lawn care to kill a tree?? Now my nails are all funky!

Had lunch with Christopher's family for his dad's birthday. It's always nice to see the kids. They're growing fast.

Now I get to do some work for school. Before I go, here are a few random thoughts on my mind today...

1. I wanna go camping.
2. I wanna hamburger.
3. I wanna go camping and eat a hambuger.
4. I wish I liked basketball so that I could join in all the March Madness fun, but I don't. Not at all!!
5. I want to go to church on Easter Sunday but don't know where to go.
6. Wish I was still 5 so I could have a poofy Easter dress.
7. I would really like to learn how to make this blog more attractive but don't know how. I'm too lazy to learn. Maybe Lisa will teach me?

Thanks enough randomness for now.

Until tomorrow...

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