Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crappy Day and I'm Ready to Explode

Let me start out by saying that I'm in no mood to be nice or sugar coat my feelings. I feel like I'm always the good girl who doesn't always say how I feel in order to spare people's feelings. WARNING: there may be a few unlady like words in this blog tonight. However, it's my blog and my honest thoughts so I feel it is important to express them as they come. I'm also apologizing now for grammar and spelling errors. It's late, I'm tired, and it's a little dark in here.

My friend was diagnosed with colon cancer tonight. I'm so freakin' pissed off at this disease. People around me everywhere are falling prey to this and it f-in sucks! My friend is a single mamma and barely able to make ends meet. I pray that as she goes in to see the doctor tomorrow or Friday for her treatment plan, that she's not met with any problems from her insurance company. Which brings me to my next point!!

I'm so tired of hearing from republicans on this new health care reform bill. I'm not so naive as to think that this bill is perfect and that it's not going to effect my wallet. I know that there will be changes in my insurance and in my paycheck. But here are a few "concerns" that the republicans would like me to know and this is my response to each.

1. Increased Taxes: DUH!!! My taxes increase every year. I'm currently paying taxes for a war that we should be out of right now. I'm currently paying more taxes because W increased the national deficit more than any other president in US history! We are all in debt but at least the possible increase in my taxes will benefit many.

2. "I work my ass off. Why should I pay for lazy people to have insurance?" This one is my favorite!!! First of all, we already pay for poor people to have insurance. It's called Medicaid. Second, this bill wasn't about "free" insurance. It's about assisting those who can't afford it.

I understand that the "rich" don't want to give more than everyone else, but get over it. God has allowed you to be successful so perhaps you can give a little more. Most of us give tithes to our churches. God calls for 10%. Let's say that Family A is a household of 4. Mom and Dad both work to make ends meet but they still faithfully give 10% of their income to the Lord in order for his work to done. God has continued to bless them but 10% is still all they can give. God is pleased. Then there's Family B. They are also a family of 4 but they are wealthy. They have so much money that they are able to vacation, buy cars, homes, etc. They also love the Lord and tithe their 10%. God continues to bless them. He is pleased. One day the pastor of the church asks Family B if they are willing to give an extra 10% to the church. Some people have not been able to keep up with their tithes as faithfully and the church's mission is in need. Does Family B tell their pastor no? HECK NO they don't!!!! They don't care that they've already given their 10%. They don't ask, "How much did Family A give?" They don't question the needs of others. Why? Because they know better! They know that God needs it and they give it without question. Most churches send money to other countries in the name of God. Guess what? God expects us to take care of everyone, including those here in the US. You wouldn't tell the church NO! But by being greedy and having that attitude, you ARE telling God no. "No, God, I'm not going to help those in need."

The United States has the best health care in the world. However, only the rich can afford it! Why? Because so many people don't have it. When they get sick or hurt, they go to the emergency room. Can they afford their bill? Nope. So who pays? We do! We pay it because doctors and hospitals have to increase their fees in order to pay unpaid bills. If we're already paying higher prices, we might as well do it in a better and more profitable way. Everyone should be required to have health insurance. It doesn't matter if they're "healthy" and don't plan on getting sick. I don't plan on crashing my car, but I'm required to have auto insurance. It doesn't matter that I'm a good driver. I have auto insurance not to only protect myself, but anyone else involved in a possible accident. Requiring everyone to have health insurance not only protects the individual, but it protects me too. I won't have to pay their bill later.

Did you know that there are many people that can't get insurance? I'm not just talking about smokers, fat people, diabetics, or cancer patients. Did you know that children with autism are often denied coverage? Or, what if you've received counseling within the last 6 months? You guessed it, you may be denied!! I DARE the republicans to look a child with autism in the face and tell them that the don't deserve insurance. PIGS!!!

3. We'll have to wait 4 months to get into the doctor!! No you won't, so shut up!! There are plenty of doctors out there. They just might be a little upset because they only can afford 4 cars instead of 5. Or, 2 houses instead of 4. Perhaps when the office is closed on Mondays for the weekly golf game, they'll have to work! I've heard some complain that there will be a flood of unqualified doctors now. Really? Are you freakin' kidding me??!! I've NEVER heard of a medical school in the United States with such low standards that they'd let an unqualified doctor practice medicine. That's rediculous!

4. We will not fund abortion! NEWSFLASH!! We already do!! Most insurance companies and Medicaid will fund an abortion in the case that it could harm the mother or that the baby will not be a viable pregnancy. And regardless of how you feel about abortion, it's still a womans right to choose. She will stand judgement for that someday, not you. You don't ever have to make that choice if it's not right for you. Like it or not, abortion is a moral issue based on the belief that God created that baby. However, not everyone believes in God, sad but true, and our believes shouldn't be pushed on them. I wouldn't want to move to a non-christian country and be forced to do anything that was different than my beliefs. Republicans do a great job of making it perfectly clear that government should stay out of people's lives and not interfere. Funny thing though, they are the first one's to say a woman doesn't have the right to choose or a gay couple can't get married. Riddle me that!

I'm exhausted!! I don't want to argue about this anymore. I don't care to know what the republicans think anymore. I'm honored to live in a country that will now offer affordable health care to EVERYONE who deserves it. ie, business owners, middle class americans, students, etc.
I would gladly pay extra taxes to know that everyone can have the same peace of mind that I do every day. That if I get sick, I don't have to worry. If my husband gets sick, I don't have to worry. If my future child gets sick, I don't have to worry. Why? Because I have insurance.

To all my friends out there with cancer, I love you! I'm so glad that you will never be denied insurance because of this terrible disease. You will live a long and healthy life now. Praise God!

Until tomorrow...

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