Thursday, July 28, 2011

Father's Day

It's been awhile since my last post. I'm going to try and catch everyone up on what we've been doing. I'll start with Father's Day!

We decided to make a trip down to Galveston and went to the state park. Chris and I like the state park because it's usually cleaner, has restrooms, and showers to rinse off before you head home. Chris' family came along, too. I was excited to take Edward to the beach for the first time. Chris and I love the beach so we're hoping to pass our love on to Edward.

I've seen many people put their babies in the BUMBO while they're in the shallow part of the water. I brought Edward's and put it at the edge of the water. Most of the waves weren't even making it to his feet. Those that did were cold and he fussed a little, but nothing big. I noticed a wave coming and thought, "I think that one may reach us." Then I quickly realized that this wave was much bigger than I'd originally thought. I didn't have enough time to react. The wave came crashing into us, right over Edward's head. I scooped him up out of the BUMBO and it went floating away. Luckily Nana was close by and grabbed it. Edward obviously didn't enjoy the crashing wave in his face. He was crying and gagging up the saltwater. He had a nice layer of sand in both ears. The hubby, not too happy!!

I took Edward to the shower and rinsed him off, got him changed, nursed him, and we returned to our canopy on the beach. He ate and then slept the rest of the time on a blanket. Such a tramatic experience for my little guy.

I felt terrible! I know that there will be times when he'll get hurt or be sick, but it sucks to know he was put in danger by me! We will wait on the beach until he's a little older. :)

Hopefully Chris enjoyed his day at the beach along with the other dads. Happy Father's Day!

Edward and I before the wave.
A little wave...

No wave for awhile...

HUGE wave for a little boy...

Edward yelling at me for letting the wave get him!

Poor guy! Mommy feeling guilty!

After his little nap the beach mat. Chris' dad kept telling him to smile. Chris was telling his dad, "I am!" HEHE!!

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